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AusStyle Safety Services are committed to using only the highest quality products that have been engineered and made in Australia. We offer installation, servicing and certification of Height Safety Anchors, Static Line Systems, Permanent Ladders/Stabilisers and Aluminium Walk Ways which provides safe access, restraint and fall arrest safety for all buildings and industrial sites. This ranges from a series of anchor points to a complete network of systems for maintenance, cleaning, access and inspections when working at heights.

AusStyle Safety Services are licenced in Advanced Rigging and Advanced Scaffolding to ensure we can legally install, inspect and sign off on harness points, static lines and scaffolding.

  • Licence No: HRW 035791
  • Licence No: Working at Heights 91305 NSW


Roof Anchors Points when installed correctly allow workers at heights to attach themselves to a secure spot on the roof – Fall Restraint technique controls a persons movement by physically preventing the person from reaching a position which there is a risk of a fall. The user can maintain secure footing without having to tension the restraint line and without the aid of a handhold or lateral support.

Used in conjunction with a roof safety harness, harnesses are required to be flexible and comfortable enough to provide a full range of movement while remaining secure.


Static Lines

AusStyle Safety Services static line range uses a tapered design, which was developed and tested extensively to maximise energy absorption while retaining its strength when arresting a fall. The tapered design enables it to bend like a fishing pole to reduce the load back on the structure and the person attached to the static line.

AusStyle’s static lines have been designed as the ultimate pass through system, allowing the shuttle to glide freely over the forged Intermediate T-Bolts ensuring ease of use and longevity of the product its self.

Permanent Ladders

AusStyle’s permanent ladders are designed with an advanced coupling system for easy installation, maximising safety when working at heights.

  • Ergonomically designed rungs for maximum grip at all angles.
  • Swaged rungs for extra strength and reliability.
  • Heavy gauge aluminium for superior strength.
  • Fixing brackets designed for utmost strength and versatility.
Safety Systems Metal Roofing Project 4


AusStyle Safety Services can design a system, supply, install and certify various types of walkways for your particular application and can incorporate railings, levelling and ladder systems in with the walkway:

  • Aluminium walkways
  • Composite walkways

All Height Safety Anchors, Static Line Systems, Permanent Ladders/Stabilisers anchors and Walk Ways are tested extensively, and manufactured to AS/NZS1891.4.

At AusStyle we only use licensed Advanced Riggers to install all these products to ensure a perfect, compliant solution whilst working at heights.

Safety Systems Metal Roofing Project 2

Are you replacing your roof?

AusStyle Safety Services in conjunction with AusStyle Roofing and AusStyle Asbestos Services can provide you with a full service from asbestos identification, safe removal and disposal, tile to Colorbond re-roof and Safety assessment.

See how you can benefit from a full service and qualified team.

AusStyle is expanding to incorporate Safety Services with Roofing and Asbestos enabling a smooth transition between Asbestos Removal around the roof area, re-roofing projects and safety services both in the residential and commercial property sectors.


Our Core Values

Doing it right the first time is a simple yet effective approach that has ensured our customers have been completely satisfied and continue to use our services, more importantly they recommend us to their family and friends.